Comments made about using the OSHA General Industry CD: "I was able to find information specific to what I needed without digging through the regulations. The hard copy of the book also impressed me. I had not used a set of Government Regs that were easy to navigate through like the Mancomm edition. ... on a hunch I ordered the 49 CFR and had the same wonderful results due to RegLogicĀ®."

Lori Ann Popelka, Hazmat/OSHA
Fidelitone Logistics


Message to a MANCOMM sales representative after the customer had talked with the representative and also the President of MANCOMM: "Thanks again for all of your help! It was such a pleasure to talk with both of you today. I have to say it has been a very long time since I had such great customer service and an actual personality on the other end of the phone. Keep up the good work and tell Mr. Mangan that all Presidents should be just like him."

Kelly Obermiller, Textbook Buyer
Illinois Valley Community College


Regarding the OSHA Construction Industry Book and CD: "The first time I used this book in training it received high praise and excellent reviews."

Ron Karas, Director of Safety and Health Training
International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers

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