Safety Quiz

HOW FAMILIAR ARE YOU WITH SCAFFOLD SAFETY? Take this quiz and find out. These questions were derived from the regulations presented in MANCOMM's training guide, Subpart L: Scaffolds in Construction (1926.450)..

1.) Each scaffold and scaffold component must be able to hold its own weight and at least ___ times its maximum intended load.
A.) Two
B.) Four
C.) Five
D.) Ten

2.) Each employee on a scaffold that is more than __ feet over a lower level shall be protected from falling to that lower level.
A.) Six
B.) Eight
C.) Ten
D.) Fifteen

3.) Under which of these circumstances is it permissible for employees to work on scaffolds during storms or high winds?
A.) If a competent person has determined that it is safe to do so.
B.) The employees are protected by a personal fall arrest system or wind screens.
C.) It is never permissible to work on scaffolds during storms or high winds.
D.) A and B

4.) Repaired wire rope may be used as suspension rope. True or False?

5.) In the lingo of scaffolding, what is a ‘shore scaffold’?
A.) A powered or unpowered, portable, caster or wheel-mounted supported scaffold.
B.) A supported scaffold which is placed against a building or structure and held in place with props.
C.) A platform resting on a bracket or jack which projects through a window opening.
D.) A form of nautical scaffolding rarely used in urban construction.

6.) When is it appropriate to access a scaffold by climbing on the crossbraces?
A.) Any time.
B.) If the regular means of access is blocked.
C.) Under appropriate supervision.
D.) Never.

7.) Employees shall be prohibited from working on scaffolds covered with snow, ice or other slippery material, except:
A.) If the employees are provided with skid-proof footwear.
B.) If salt or grit is spread over the slippery material.
C.) As necessary for removal of such materials.
D.) There are no exceptions.

8.) Forklifts shall not be used to support scaffold platforms unless:
A.) The entire platform is attached to the fork.
B.) The forklift is not moved horizontally while the platform is occupied.
C.) A and B.
D.) Forklifts should never support scaffold platforms.

9.) Gasoline-powered equipment and hoists shall not be used on suspension scaffolds. True or False?

10.) When vertical lifelines are used on scaffolds, they shall be fastened to safe points of anchorage, such as:
A.) Standpipes.
B.) Counterweights.
C.) Both of the above.
D.) None of the above.

How many wrong answers are permissible? On the jobsite: zero. When it comes to scaffolding, even one mistake can lead to a jobsite accident. Training is the best defense against preventable injuries and death.

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1.) B
2.) C
3.) D
4.) False
5.) B
6.) D
7.) C
8.) C
9.) True
10.) D

For more scaffold safety information, visit the product page for MANCOMM's training guide, Subpart L: Scaffolds in Construction (1926.450).